It's the Truth

When I began working with Authors after self-publishing 3 books of my own, I was pretty aimless to say the least. I knew what I had to offer and who I was offering it to but that truth was not easily identifiable through my online presence. Part of the problem was, I was talking to the wrong people. I real life marketed to a melting pot of an audience for nearly a year making only ONE sale in my first 8 months as a publishing consultant. Then it hit me. I'm selling to people who simply aren't in need of me or interested in what I've got to offer. Something had to change. I got specific about my brand and how to convey that clearly with my online presence. Soon after, I saw a major increase in sales in record time.

Now, if you don’t want to sell more books just say that.

But in case you do, stay with me here.

Self-publishing your book is a power move, no doubt – but then what? Do you just stop at publishing the book you have been travailing over for the last 6 to 12 months or more and yell, “extra, extra read all about it” wherever you can? Immediately, no! There's some strategy you're in need of and you have to use it if you want your books flying off shelves. I give you the run down inside From Authority to Sales: Building Authority that Converts. Question is though, are you coming?

It's time to take this author brand & book struggle off of repeat.

If, "what struggle?" was your instant thought, let's go ahead and be honest with each other. This here struggle...

You are stuck in the no book sales cycle. Your posts about your upcoming or already published book are getting little to no traction. Your email list is as dry as a bone because the audience you do have online is not taking you up on your offer to subscribe. You are hitting dead ends on how to put the spark back in your audience engagement which is on a decline. You are running out of ideas on what to even share online to garner more visibility, attract-ability and profitability. You are at your wits end with pre-marketing, publishing and trying to navigate the business of self-publishing altogether. I know, it feels like there’s no end to your struggle. However, there actually is an end to your struggle, an end to your book sale drought, an end to your deficit in online engagement, an end to your invisibility and an end to your lack of profitability. If you’re still reading, this is the end to all of that struggle business. This is it, all you have to do is say, “this is the end of my self-publishing struggle, I’m ready to shift” and make a commitment to yourself today to actually make the shift.

This Move is Your Best Move!

Building authority that converts has never been easier.

The key to your shift is inside this bundle. You will establish your unique authority that attracts the audience perfect for your author brand and begin selling more books, merchandise, event seats and other creative offers you've already brainstormed in private that align with your business as an author. You cannot do that until you get your authority positioning and branding in check and I'm committed to making sure you do that.

Don't waste another year trying to get by as is!

It doesn't matter if you are a nonfiction or fiction Author, From Authority to Sales is applicable. It's all encompassing so as a self-published Author who is tired of the ongoing drought in the area of business growth and book sales, this bundle is your remedy. No need to stay bonded to a problem when there's a solution.

Here's What's Included

What you're getting inside this mini course bundle for the price is unimaginable!

  • From Authority to Sales

    An e-Guide of easy-to-apply actionable steps to help you discover and build your unique authority as an author.

  • Video Lessons

    Video series providing high level breakdowns of your e-Guide lessons to make retaining the information more convenient for my authors who are constantly on the go.

  • 30 Authority Building Prompts

    30 prompts to help you share value filled posts for an entire month on your social media platform that builds what I call, your V.I.B.E. I give you the full breakdown of V.I.B.E. inside the bundle.

  • BONUS The Book Method Sneak Peek

    You will get an inside look into my program, The Book Method as I share with you my framework that every self-published author needs in order to succeed in the literary industry without the backing of a major publishing company.

  • Paid Ads + Boosting Posts Strategy

    Of course I want you to learn to market and promote your book while saving, but I've got to give you the game on paid ads as well. Learn where to run them, how to run them and what you can expect to get from them.

The curriculum alone is valued at $697!

But I'm giving you access to exclusive pricing!

Yes you read that correctly. This course is valued at $697 on a regular day but it is my mission to make quality content accessible that helps you succeed as a self-published Author. Despite its value I'm gifting you the course for only $57 for a limited time!

Place Your Next Bet on You

You don't have to watch others win their self bets, you can win yours too.

Yes, it's safe to bet on you. It's safe to put in slight work on your own behalf in order to excel. Truth is, I've done the actual work for you, you just have to place your bet on your application efforts. That's it! Why pass up an easy-to-apply strategy to move the dial in your Author business in the direction of earning? There is no logical reason why you should- the bet is fixed, you just have to roll the dice. Meet a few Authors who've already bet on themselves.

Real Client Experiences

“I am beyond blessed to have had someone like Auketria to help me along my journey as a new author. She is very patient, knowledgeable, passionate, attentive, thorough, and consistent in meeting the needs of her clients! Her attention to detail is extraordinary...Auketria literally shaped my book into a masterpiece. Many thanks for EXCEEDING my expectations!”

Jasmine Pierre

“Let me start off by saying I love Auketria!!! She is very knowledgeable, supportive, and she actually cares about your work! She’s not just working for your money, she actually puts thought and concern into your project! She is very down to earth, and willingly helpful! I would recommend her x10 to anyone!!”


“I was extremely fortunate to have had Auketria working with me on my special project. She was flexible, understanding, and easy to work with. She removed any stress and concern I had with publishing my first book and over a year ago I was able to publish Percy Wants to be a Politician.”

Eric D. Curry

Secure your bundle today through pre-order to save!

For a limited time you can access your From Authority to Sales course bundle for only $57. The price increases soon so you don't want to wait! When you pre-enroll today you will have access to your mini course bundle instantly!

My Promise to You

Now, I too have purchased eBooks and courses over the years and they've often left me feeling like I hadn't gotten the value from them that was originally promised. With that in mind I am committed to creating valuable resources for you that provide actual knowledge, change, and growth. I am not promising you a magical overnight transformation because even overnight successes are blazoned with consistent effort behind them. I am promising clear method on how you being an authority and simplifying your self-publishing will take you to sales. What qualifies me to show you this? Because becoming an authority myself after struggling in my self-publishing business led me to signing over two dozen clients for packages at over $2K. And I for one believe if I can sell a $2K+ package, you can sell a $17 book, with your brand authority in place. The time to go higher is now.


  • What can I expect after taking this course?

    You can expect to have more direction on your author brand authority, how to use it, see an increase in social media engagement with your content, an increase in visibility, how to run effective ads, how to market for free or with a budget and how to use your own likeness to build relationships with readers.

  • How soon can I expect to see some growth?

    If you are implementing the lessons and remain consistent, you should start seeing some growth in as little as 30 days. Keep in mind however, this will depend on several factors and results may vary.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    I want you to dive in right away and begin working on the change you want to see in your career as an Author. With that in mind, you will have access to the course material for 6 months (180 days).

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of this product, its contents ,and its reasonable price point, there are no refunds. However, if you are struggling to get results after 30 days you can book a FREE 30 minute coaching session to have your progress reviewed by me and receive feedback. Sessions are subject to the month's availability.