You have imagined writing books beachside, in your favorite coffee shop, or anywhere your heart desires while controlling your own time.

Getting to the place where you can actually do it has been an uphill battle. Either you have published a book and didn't see the success you imagined for it so you need a do over, or you are about to publish a book and you want to take a strategic approach before you do. That's why I'm here. To help you take the right approach in establishing your brand authority to increase your visibility and simplify your self-publishing. By the time you're done with this course you will have more answers than questoins and a clear plan to move the needle forward in your authorpreneurial efforts.

Growing a sustainable Author brand is possible, even simple.

Coming out of obscurity requires strategy. Here are some benefits that a clear strategy will yield.

  • An Author brand that is recognizable and authentic.

  • An anticipating audience ready to buy your book and tell others about it.

  • A seamless operation that works in your favor whether you are logged in or not.

  • Genuine connection with readers who will support you with every book release.

But you have doubts that are keeping you stagnant.

  • Building a brand is too complex

  • Operating like a business seems like a lot of work for one person

  • Optimizing your online presence will take too much time out of your day

  • Knowing and connecting with your target audience of readers sounds ideal but impossible

I understand, but here's the truth.

You can absolutely build a bankable brand, operate like a business as a solo authorpreneur, optimize your online presence, know and attract a solid readership without complexities or overwhelm....with the right strategy in place.

My 4-phase framework is the solution to your problem, here's why.

With any endeavor it's about how you do it more than it's about what you're doing. A strategy is a pre-planned action to drive desired results and inside my course I am giving you pre-planned actions to drive your desired result which is a sustainable brand, increased visibility, and audience growth that will help you scale your readership. Readership growth leads to profit growth. That's what you want right? Right!

Understand this...

As a self-published author, your book will not sell itself. It doesn't matter how fabulous it looks or how adorable you look in your headshot. If you do not have an established brand and an anticipating audience, you are more than likely to join the long list of self-published storytellers who make less than $500 in the first year of releasing their book. When you consider the cost of a single book and the extremely small audience of family and friends who will buy it out of support instead of interest, that $500 in royalties is looking a lot like reality.

Don’t struggle another day when you can connect and learn from a coach who has:

  • Paused business during its first year to strategize and establish a clear brand identity from scratch that resulted in booking out the following calendar year with book publishing projects for self-published Authors.

  • Credibility having helped more than 20 creative storytellers and subject matter experts through coaching, and full-service book publishing.

  • Knowledge and execution on how to establish a brand from scratch that attracts an audience.

  • Expertise on producing bookshelf-ready books that stand tall in any virtual or brick and mortar bookstore.

  • Experience as both a traditionally published and self-published author.

  • Insight on exactly what an indie author needs to grow a personal brand.

Now, a $500 first year doesn't have to be your fate.

With a unique online brand that speaks to your true nature and attracts your ideal audience at the same time, you can have the sustainability needed to keep your brand visible and turn your books into sales. And I get it, you've read two dozen blogs and watched two dozen more YouTube videos on the topic. You probably even invested in other resources or programs and you are finally tired of the hampster wheel. Well here's where you get off the wheel and get into a simple system that you can implement in one month's time to get your transformation started.


Self-Publishing & Brand Authority Simplified

The Book Method is a course program created specifically for current Authors and Author hopefuls like you who want to learn how to build a bankable brand and a bookshelf-ready book with a simplified approach. With a simple 4-step framework detailing actionable steps to take, the complexity and uncertainty of building a sustainable online presence as an Author has been eliminated.

Don't take my word for it. Hear from an actual The B.O.O.K. Method student.

Cresa Lenox

"I've watched ALL The B.O.O.K. Method videos! I'm so thankful to have this roadmap of the self-publishing process. You really break down all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into getting a book out into the world, and there's just so much valuable information in the course! There's so much more to this than just writing a book and hoping someone will read it, and I think anyone who wants to go on the journey of self-publishing would really benefit from The B.O.O.K. Method."

Jasmine Pierre

"I am beyond blessed to have had someone like Auketria to help me along my journey as a new author. She is very patient, knowledgeable, passionate, attentive, thorough, and consistent in meeting the needs of her clients! Not to mention Auketria is a great wordsmith! Her attention to detail is extraordinary and her approach is very professional yet comforting (she gives an honest opinion). Auketria literally shaped my book into a masterpiece. Many thanks for EXCEEDING my expectations!"

Inside the program you will learn to...

  • Build a sustainable brand readers recognize & love.

    With an authentic and familiar brand you are on your way to being recognized as a fan favorite with your one and only book release or if you are a career storyteller, with each and every release.

  • Operate as a business with a team of just one.

    With the proper systems in place you will forgo all of the daily tasks of manually operating in your Author business because it will operate on auto-pilot after implementing the back office essentials.

  • Optimize your digital footprint everywhere you step.

    Having your digital footprint in sync wherever you show up online will optimize your visibility which leads to maximizing your books sales and subsequently, your profitability.

  • Know your audience & connect with them accordingly.

    Knowing your audience helps you understand exactly how, when, and where to show up to reveal all things YOU, to them.

  • Produce "bookshelf-ready" books like a pro.

    Sharing supremely produced books with the world solidifies your credibility as a respected and trusted Author and you will be able to deliver quality books over and over again.

  • TBM Bonuses

    6 bi-weekly live training sessions for further coaching & support. Video trainings for on-the-go students. 3 earning trainings: From Publishing to Profits, Surveilling Your Market, & The V.I.B.E. Secret. AND, a 1-hour private coaching session on a publishing or marketing related topic of your choosing for the first 12 enrollees when the doors open.

Eric D. Curry

"I was extremely fortunate to have had Auketria working with me on my special project. She was flexible, understanding, and easy to work with. She removed any stress and concern I had with publishing my first book and over a year ago I was able to publish Percy Wants to be a Politician."

I reveal a success method you can apply instantly.

It’s time to amplify your presence to shift the trajectory of your Author journey and have your readers take you and your storytelling seriously. This is the perfect time to begin using an actual method that will lead to the writer life you once imagined. Writing compelling stories beachside or in your favorite coffee shop while your anticipating audience awaits. You need one method to implement one time to achieve repeat results. The B.O.O.K. Method.

Keonne McClain

"The professionalism, communication, and commitment is high quality. Your project is treated with attention to detail. You are assisted and guided through every step!"

Hey there, I'm Auketria!

I’ll never teach you what I heard, only what I know. I went from my first 8 months in business as a publishing consultant booking only one client, to pausing in the middle of that business year to start from scratch. I was forcing a disinterested audience to pay me some attention but it wasn’t working. It wasn’t working because I did not have a target audience who could benefit from what I had to offer. It was December 2019. I sat myself down, created a “business only” online space and began establishing a solid digital footprint that traveled from my website to Instagram. I built my brand based on what my audience responded to the most. That led to a speaking engagement at a writer’s summit and nearly two dozen Author project bookings ranging from editorial service contracts to full-service book publishing projects for self-published Authors. Branding yielded a complete transformation in my business’s performance and the same can be true for you. I’ve packed my framework into a method to help you achieve high performance results as an Author. I know the method works because I used it in my own business and now I’m enjoying the fruits of it. This is why I have decided to make it my mission to help you move the needle forward in your Author business and I’m doing that with The B.O.O.K. Method. The doors for enrollment will close soon so don’t miss out as the next cohort is months away. Join today to begin your transformation now.

Marquise Thompson

"I feel extremely blessed to have an exceptional editor such as Auketria for my book Knewgoat. She’s an expert that goes above and beyond to deliver quality works to the world. If you are looking for a great editor that cares about your book and it’s quality, I highly recommend using On Writer’s Block."

Who is TBM For?

Most importantly, TBM is designed for you to access it at anytime from anywhere which makes it perfect for Authors on the go. You are also able to delve into the curriculum from any device.

  • Aspiring Authors

    Even if you have never published a book, The B.O.O.K. Method is for you. With an audience being the number one asset any Author must have in order to sell books, TBM is exactly what you need BEFORE you publish. The course will show you how to build that audience and get them warm before your book drops.

  • Current Authors

    You may have published one or more books already but didn't get the type of traction you had hoped for. Well, you can have a do-over or simply be better prepared for your next book release after implementing the TBM framework. Your book is new to anyone who has never read it which is why you are the perfect candidate for TBM.

  • All Genres Welcome

    Lastly, whether you write fiction to get readers lost in your creative imagination, write self-help or a subject matter expert yielding transformations for readers, TBM's framework works for you. The framework is purposely genre-neutral to ensure self-published Authors of various literary works can benefit from its strategy.

My Promise to You

Now, I too have purchased eBooks and courses over the years and they've often left me feeling like I hadn't gotten the value from them that was originally promised. With that in mind I am committed to creating valuable resources for you that provide actual knowledge, change, and growth. I am not promising you a magical overnight transformation because even overnight successes are blazened with consistent effort behind them. I am promising you a clear guide on how you being an authority will take you to sales. What qualifies me to show you this? Because becoming an authority myself after struggling in my self-publishing business led me to signing over two dozen clients for packages at over $2K. And I for one believe if I can sell a $2K+ package, you can sell a $17 book, with your brand authority in place. The time to go higher is now.

So what's your next move? Remain in the same place you've been in or do something drastic to get to a better place?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a course or group program?

    The B.O.O.K. Method (TBM) is a course, not a group coaching program. You will have instant access to the course material and it is self-paced.

  • What is included with my purchase?

    The 4-phase framework curriculum, membership to the exclusive "The Book Method Council" Facebook group, pre-recorded coaching lessons that support the curriculum, physical workbook for waitlist enrollees (printable version for non-waitlisters), a directory that includes editors, graphic designers, writing coaches and typesetters and new bi-weekly pre-recorded trainings via the TBM Council.

  • Is there a time limit on access to the course?

    There is lifetime access to the course, but I recommend you make time to actually implement the course material in order to see real results.

  • Will there be changes to the program after purchase?

    Updates to the program are likely as the landscape of publishing, branding and marketing evolves. I want to ensure that I provide fresh information and strategies that benefit you. Existing course content will not be removed but new information may be added.

  • Who should I reach out to if I encounter an issue?

    If you experience any log-in or end user issues, please email

  • What is the guarantee for results?

    Although I am teaching a method that I personally curated and implemented in my own business, I cannot guarantee results for every individual. Results may vary based on your level of commitment and several other factors beyond my control. With that said I cannot guarantee a specific result for every student. I do however guarantee that with consistency of what is taught inside The B.O.O.K. Method, you will see results over time.

  • What is your refund policy?

    This is a digital product in which its content is instantly accessible at the time of purchase. Therefore there is a strict no refund policy.

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The Book Method was curated to help you elevate your visibility, marketability, and authority as a current or aspiring author. Within the program, you will learn the exact methods that have helped me build a visible brand from scratch which yields revenue. Nonetheless, results will vary from individual to individual and your enrollment in The Book Method confirms your understanding that there is no guarantee for a specific result or outcome from this program in any given timeframe and that there are no refunds. Client experiences shared are from actual clients but they are in no way promising a specific outcome for future clients. These experiences are to demonstrate what can be achieved.